God’s Wanderers

One story

This letter was written by an old, homesick clergyman yearning for a home that he has never known.

Reverend Moses Norman

001, east link street,

South Tasmania.


14th August, 1969

The family Head,

Nii Ofoli Norman,

British Accra.

Dear Uncle,

My origin story spins a tale that not even the cleverest of writers can fathom. My parents stowed away on a cargo ship that was bound for London in the year 1918. Per my father’s account, they were huddled up in the cargo hold for nearly a month, surviving on cocoa beans and the water that condensed on the windows. To the detriment of their scheme, they were discovered before the ship reached London and were consequently cast off at a port in Serbia. In the years that followed, my mother and father lived and worked as surfs for Oligarchs. I was born four months after my parents…

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Mabel and Astrid

One story

I always thought my first encounter with lesbians was at Achimota College. I don’t recall the fine details, but it was sometime in December of 2004, closing assembly for the second term as was the custom, the headmistress read out the names of the students involved in landmark disciplinary cases. On this occasion, there were two girls alleged to be lesbians, and after a somewhat abusive harangue, the headmistress called the girls to the front of the assembly.

“We shall exorcise the demon of lesbianism from this school…shame on you girls, and may God have mercy upon you!” said the headmistress.

I remember she called upon the entire student body to hurl verbal abuses on the pair, “chant shame on my count” is what she said. What can I say, bigotry was fashionable back then, and the count three the entire student body gave a resounding “Shame chant.” Others riffed…

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Accept There Would Be Struggles And Overcome Them

Getting to know the very purpose of your existence enables you make informed decisions which goes a long way in building your confidence and strengthening your will to move forward. You’ve got to come to a point of acceptance that we all face disappointments along line. It’s part of life! Such is life!

Life doesn’t always offer you what you deserve. Sometimes, life tests you. Other times, you need need to be extra patient. While in certain situations, you need to work harder than before to overcome the struggles of life.

We all face our own struggles and even when we master boldness to confide in those whom we strongly believe could help us out of the very water we may be drowning in, they tend to make matters even worse.

Disappointments are the realities of life! The higher you come to terms with it and move on quickly, the better for your self development. Thus, one should always be prepared at any point in one’s life to deal positively with it.

The first step to dealing with your struggles and preventing further struggles from coming your way is not getting too anxious about who is going to help you out of one situation or the other. In my previous post, I spoke about having confidence in yourself. This goes a long way in aiding you get ahead. Once you trust in what  have set for yourself and persue it diligently, the end results will be glorious.

Also, you should always have what I call a fall-back plan for every single move to make. Don’t put all your eggs in one busket. Often, I hear people say “My plan B is trusting that my plan A works out” which is very cool because it’s an attitude of perseverance but when you put all your hopes in plan A and plan A fails drastically, you end up shattering your confidence and worth which may be difficult to build up later on.

With these suggestions, you’ll be able to overcome any pressure or distractions from reaching your set goals. These actions goes a long way in making you feel a sense of security and hence you will always find yourself to be on the right course to fulfilling your destiny or purpose in life.


You Owe It To Yourself

We all question our confidence at some point in our lives. We all get our level of confidence tested and most often, when we fail the test, all the confidence residing in us runs out of our very self. We then begin to question our very own existence in this world. Others turn to blame others continuously for their woes leading to bitterness.
Some have attributed this occurances of loss of confidence in many to they being over confident in the first place. They argue that the most destructive level of confidence is over confidence. Others suggest being under confident is way better than being over confident in the first place. The question remains: how is one’s level of confidence even measured?……That’s a question to be answered another day.

Every individual must understand that they owe it to themselves to keep their emotions in check. You owe it to yourselves to constantly motivate and inspire yourself. You’ve got to make your inner self to come into terms that there’s more to life than the very problem you may be encountering.

True strength they say, is being able to hold it all all together when everyone expects you to fall apart. Therefore note that; your source of confidence starts with you! You may not directly be the source but it definitely starts with you to make a move. Hardly would one pick up a Bible or book to read to encourage oneself should one have no strain of confidence in .

We often forget to see our inner self as being the first to console or as being able to get hold of certain situations thereby we fall prey mostly to those who will drag down or derail the confidence we perceived to be building. 

Surely, you may come across certain circumstances in which you may not be responsible for. Others may create unpleasant situations for  you but ultimately, you have a role to play in your final outcome since you’re part of it.

Boosting your confidence should be a priority everyday because  YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELVES! 

Yes! You owe it to yourselves to attain the greatness ahead.

Have a blissful week!



Your Future Is Safe With God

We spend our whole life

Worrying about the future

Planning for the future

Trying to predict the future

As if figuring it out would

Somehow cushion the blow
To some, the future seems to be changing

Either for the best or worse

The future is the home of our deepest fears

And our wildest hopes

But one thing is certain,

When it finally reveals itself,

The future seems to be beyond our imagination

Or the future may never be the way we imagined

The only thing predictable by the future 

Is that it’s unpredictable


We often describe life as full of uncertainties. Life itself is considered a mystery on its own and our quest is to figure how to cope with the unraveling mysteries of the future as we face them. Many are of the view that life is governed by principles one ought to follow and abide by. For we shall be rewarded accordingly based on these set principles. Others are of the belief that life itself runs on its own course without any interference by any forces, spiritual being or principles. But I’ve come to believe and strongly trust in a Man who is the custodian of our destiny. He  alone makes the uncertainties certain. With him, your hopes are sure to materialise. With him, your heart will forever remain at peace mainly because He never fails nor disappoints and also because He is true, loves you and values you.

 Let God take charge of your life and order your steps to the right direction. You may make super plans, have the know-hows, have the strength, wealth and so on but at the end,God wills
Have a purpose driven week!




Happy Anniversary to all readers and subscribers to my blog.I’ve really been motivated not only by the comments I receive on my blog posts but also by other posts by bloggers on this platform. I want to use this opportunity to say I love you all and I hope to strengthen the bond we have in the years ahead.Keep the encouragement and criticism coming.  I do appreciate them. To all those who’ve been concerned about me not putting anything here for a while, I’m back! And as usual, Happy reading!
” All of us do not have equal talent but all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents”                                                                                          Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalan

This specific quote increased my desire to set up a blog of my own a year ago. I always had a strong a strong desire to create a platform on which I would develop my writing skills  and also educate those who would visit the blog.

My journey started back in class one when my dad inculcated the habit of reading in me. I will never forget my first voluminous and ‘picture free’ novel: Oliver Twist! My dad would make me summarise each  chapter and then summerise  the entire book upon completion. In addition, he would also make me answer comprehension questions, not forgetting the spellings and dictation sessions that followed. During those early stages of my educational life, my parents weren’t only keen on my reading and writing skills. In fact they were very much into seeing me developing academically. I recall reading my notes over and over in the Kitchen while my mum prepared dinner.She would engage me in what ever I was reading till dinner was ready and we would continue right after dinner while she washes the utensils. Only God knows how I hated those times!  In view of that I hardly had the chance to play with friends or neighbours. Till date, most of my childhood friends claim I never had a childhood and would tease me by calling me “mummy’s son”. Mostly because they often saw me with my mum doing the reading while she cooked. But sincerely speaking my mum is very strict! You dare not test her patience and even though my dad is quiet softspoken like myself, you may find him different when it comes to disciplining his wards. Well, I guess my parents saw my potential in reading and writing even during those early days and decided to invest their time in helping me build it.I didn’t realise that  untill I started showing much interest in the subject of writing and reading. I also thank God for they having my back especially when I started blogging. I remember when someone called them to tell me to put a stop to it or so because blogging would affect my academics and all that. You can just imagine for yourself! Meanwhile I’m just a part time bloggers who hardly blogs more than twice a month.

In  junior high school, I started writing essays to be marked by my English tutor. This act widened my scope in the English Language as my English tutor was ever ready to spend time reading, marking and correcting my essays. Mr. Diatuo would occasionally read my essays to the entire class before he began his lessons and would also commend me on my essays.This continued even in the junior classes which made me feel uneasy sometimes. Over time, my other classmates started approaching him with essays of their own for him to review and through that quite a number of my mates also began performing very well in the English language.I recall one of those essays being put on the notice board when I got to senior high school. My junior brother even used my collection of essays when he was preparing for his exams into senior high school. I was blessed to have passed through him and I acquired a lot of knowledge especially in Literature  which I still remember till date.When I was about taking my final exams before I got to senior high school, he told me he hadn’t only trained me for the exams but for senior high school and life beyond so I should hold on to his teachings while widening my scope and make him proud. With this I say God richly bless you, Sir.

Quite a number of people have propelled me into getting to where I am and I would want to use this medium to appreciate their efforts. To Samuel Parkins, 2014 Editor-in-chief  ( Presec-Legon) who trained me into becoming the then Porter(2014) and eventually the Technical Advisor for Presec- Legon’s Editorial board in 2015. You’re a genius! To Kevin Kofi Koranteng( KKK) who’s been my mentor and motivator right from Presec-Legon, House 9 room 9 and same corner😂😂😂😂😂. God richly bless you ‘bruh’! Words cannot describe my depth of love and appreciation for you. He blogs on (http://theafroavatar.wordpress.com) and also for introducing WordPress to me! :). To Fredrica Amoako Atta, my reading companion in junior high school.Lastly, to 2015 Editor-in-chief of Presec- Legon , Samuel Owusu Ansah one of the originators of English language 😂😂😂😂😂”Brofo nana”. ( King of English ). He also blogs on ( http://www.thesobersamblog.WordPress.com).
God bless you all.The story doesn’t end here. There’s more to be learnt and done.





I’ve never felt like this before

These tears won’t leave me alone

They are seizing my entire being

Getting the better of me daily

Love can be so wicked at times

Has it not seen all that I’ve done for it?

But it keeps punishing anyway

For reasons i can’t  hardly tell
I’m losing control of my senses

It’s like the world is twirling

I can barely feel my feet anymore

I feel the ground taking me up slowly
Oh it’s quite overwhelming; this feeling

Won’t you reach out to me?

Hands of love, have mercy on me

You took me by force unexpectedly
Was it your plan all along?

To keep me wallowing in distress?

If I get out of this alive, I’ll  know better

To never trust in your deceitful  words
Now I’m filled with nothing but hostility

‘Cos none of your pleasantries was worth it

But that is one thing unknown to all

That the web of love, is a detestable place place
**Nessie’s Anthology**®






Getting Positive Daily In This Year

It has been a long while since I posted here. I had been a little busy and hadn’t had enough room to even wish my readers a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. My apologies to all subscribers, followers and readers of my blog. Would like to use this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. It is my prayer that this year would be the year we all come to the actualization and fulfilment of our dreams and hopes.

In 2016, I had been really blessed by a daily prophetic and insightful words I subscribed to and I would like to use this medium to encourage all my readers to do same by clicking on the link below.

It’s all about staying positive throughout out the year! These words received has really shaped my thoughts and entire life and it is my wish that every reader who also subscribes to this would be blessed.
It’s been barely a year since I started blogging on this platform and I must say, I’ve been really inspired and encouraged by the family I’ve met here. Your write ups, words of encouragement,education and criticism had really kept me on my toes. I love you all for being part of my life. God richly bless you all and may He guard your hopes and dreams till it is appropriate to be released to you.

This year, there will be a couple of changes on my blog and when I finalize everything , I will communicate it to you all.

Stay positive in 2017!

It’s game time!