Standing For The Truth


The weapon a child of God has is truth. Walking in the light of God’s revelation and speaking the truth in love may seem threatening to some; but the truth is what frees us and is the only path of fellowship with our creator.        

For some weeks,there are many who have been preoccupied
with issues concerning morality;of right and wrong. To some, the borderline between the two is a thick line but to others,a thin one. But no matter how appealing something wrong may seem,it never becomes right.When it comes to practices or acts that are clearly not biblical, those of us who belong to the body of Christ are responsible to clearly state our disapproval of the act because that forms part of our Christian duties as written in Philippians 1:10″so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ”.1 Peter 1:14-16 also admonishes us to stand for the truth always.

However,after reading some few articles on Pastor Devon Franklin who defended his wife publicly when she was asked to cover up due to her inappropriate dress code and people’s views on Manny Pacquiao’s stance on same sex marriage,I realised there are so many Christians who don’t know the right approach in standing for the truth especially when it came to such such sensitive matters which is of much concern to every morally upright person. As God’s children, we’re encouraged to consider every word we say to one another. Verbal abuse surely does not qualify! “If any man among you seem to be religious and bridleth not his tongue, but deceive his own heart,this man’s religion is vain”James 1:26.Visit http://www.amandaferguson and read how a matured Christian addressed the issue concerning Meagan Good’s dressing. I become very disappointed when some Christians only see verbal or physical abuse as the only means to set the wrongs right.In such arguments there are so many ignorant people who misinterpret Biblical verses in the name of standing for the truth or disproving the truth.The word of God has been given to us to check our actions,motives,thoughts and desires so we should all be careful how we interpret every statement in the holy book.

We can’t avoid disapproval. So if you’re to have peoples’ disapprovals either way,you may as well have their disapprovals  for standing firm on your beliefs rather than put yourself in a situation that leaves a question mark on the truth you claim to be standing for.




Teary Vals


We had been dating for about 2 years.Being Christians, we were so determined to do it right.We strolled and ate together and prayed together.He was so spiritual that I was completely lost in his love.He was definitely my ideal so I prayed daily that this will end in marriage.              
I didn’t really realise when i got there but my emotions seemed to rival Usain Bolt.
The Val’s day with all the hype and steam had always found us in one church program or the other. But we enjoyed it all the same. Our first val as lovers was however spent outside in a park.It was so cool…we chatted the whole night, ate ice cream, dinner and walked back home.
However on the Second Val’s day…oh God…I wish this day can be blotted out forever… Teary…

I yearned for much more closeness and so did he.We agreed to spend the val in his room. He cooked dinner. I knew all the implications of closed doors but i trusted him. I trusted myself know… Besides we needed some privacy and we were planning to get married soon.
Everything went well and smoothly until after the meals…when we sat down in the sofa to watch a movie. Suddenly, the atmosphere was so tense. He held my hands as we began…but soon enough…i was resting my head on his laps. I was completely mesmerised as i stared at him up close.
Fuelled by a kissing scene…he placed a peck on my forehead, both cheeks and…lips…and  I just couldn’t resist him.I  wanted to stop but couldn’t. I didn’t know what had gotten into him…I thought he would apply the breaks and call the halts…but he didn’t. So, down we went…undercovers, I became very ashamed afterwards.I couldn’t pray anymore…i felt so guilty at church…i felt so disappointed in myself…plus he had changed afterwards… we didn’t get married because we gradually drifted apart. As I asked for forgiveness from God. I prayed i’ll meet a guy who will overlook my mistake.

I always look on Val’s day with tears in my eyes…it could have been just one more day of waiting…it wouldn’t have hurt to wait…

Let’s not compromise our godly principles under the heat of Val’s day.

Christ in you! ……….

By Sarah Kankam-Boateng
(Alumni – PENSA KNUST)



A few months ago,I entered a barbering shop to trim my hair. I decided to go bald that day.These are some of the comments I received; “Charley what’s wrong with you?”,” You look like an old man”,”Are you getting mad?”,”Emma going bald isn’t meant for you’,”Osei this doesn’t fit you”,Get some sideburns and a beard before treating your head this way”and so on……..
    For months I didn’t visit any barbering shop as I watched my hair grow rapidly as expected. I then decided I will try an afro cut the next time I visited a barbering shop which I did before lectures on Friday. These were some of comments received; “Charley Frimps,you kill ,you do all”,” I’m very sure this hair cut is to attract the girls “,” Can you bear this on your head?”.When I got home that evening, I got rebuked by my mum she was like “What would everyone say” but like the other comments,I kept my observations with a smile:).
    I attended a function the following day still with my afro on.And these were what I received; “I’m in love with your haircut”,”You look like those rascals,you’re too gentle for this!”,” Emma this is not for your kind!”Another was that I was very calm and to him I’m a minister of God so the haircut didn’t portray that.With this particular comment,I just wanted to make mention of men of God who kept an afro but I decided to be in an observational mood.
    Upon arriving home that evening, I went to the barbering shop to have my normal haircut for church the following day.At church, I received some complement. I met some few people whom I met at the gathering the previous day.These were what they had to say”You look very different today”,”You spent money for that haircut and you’ve wasted money for this”,”I think I prefer the afro it was cool”,Why have you cut all the hair you got away I’ve been straggling to grow some hair on my bald head”.
     I put myself in the shoes of so many people and  I arrived at a conclusion that in the society we find ourselves, people would always tend to have something to say about what you do,doing orhave done.They will say what they feel like saying to you be it in your own interest or not Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay!You’re to live your life not make everyone understand.Do your best not to allow the judgemental words of others cripple you and entangle you from from doing what you desire the most when your conscience doesn’t say otherwise for what someone says about you whether openly or through gossips  doesn’t define you. What defines you is what you believe in.Don’t try impressing else you won’t arrive at the satisfaction you crave for.
   A friend of minehas certain reactions when he cuts his hair too low and his parents has to send medical reports to each school he attends so he could keep an afro.When he spoke to me about his issue and the sort of judgemental looks,comments and discrimination he has faced and is still facing he said something that made a lot of sense “When people throw you stones its because you’re a good tree full of fruits.They see a lot of harvest in you Don’t go down to their level by throwing back the stones,but throw then your fruit so the seed of yourself may inspire then have a different view of the world” He also made mention that you need not go about explaining yourself for every action to those who provoke you,point fingers at you or the coward ones who ignorantly gossip or backbite for the world sees what you do but God sees why and in the end you are answerable to Him!

Roman 2:1

I want to thank those who’ve been encouraging me to go back to writing and create a blog.I appreciate your feedbacks. We’re all learning from one another and as such comments,questions and contributions to this topic would be addressed.

Thanks for reading to educate yourself.