Teary Vals


We had been dating for about 2 years.Being Christians, we were so determined to do it right.We strolled and ate together and prayed together.He was so spiritual that I was completely lost in his love.He was definitely my ideal so I prayed daily that this will end in marriage.              
I didn’t really realise when i got there but my emotions seemed to rival Usain Bolt.
The Val’s day with all the hype and steam had always found us in one church program or the other. But we enjoyed it all the same. Our first val as lovers was however spent outside in a park.It was so cool…we chatted the whole night, ate ice cream, dinner and walked back home.
However on the Second Val’s day…oh God…I wish this day can be blotted out forever… Teary…

I yearned for much more closeness and so did he.We agreed to spend the val in his room. He cooked dinner. I knew all the implications of closed doors but i trusted him. I trusted myself too..you know… Besides we needed some privacy and we were planning to get married soon.
Everything went well and smoothly until after the meals…when we sat down in the sofa to watch a movie. Suddenly, the atmosphere was so tense. He held my hands as we began…but soon enough…i was resting my head on his laps. I was completely mesmerised as i stared at him up close.
Fuelled by a kissing scene…he placed a peck on my forehead, both cheeks and…lips…and  I just couldn’t resist him.I  wanted to stop but couldn’t. I didn’t know what had gotten into him…I thought he would apply the breaks and call the halts…but he didn’t. So, down we went…undercovers, I became very ashamed afterwards.I couldn’t pray anymore…i felt so guilty at church…i felt so disappointed in myself…plus he had changed afterwards… we didn’t get married because we gradually drifted apart. As I asked for forgiveness from God. I prayed i’ll meet a guy who will overlook my mistake.

I always look on Val’s day with tears in my eyes…it could have been just one more day of waiting…it wouldn’t have hurt to wait…

Let’s not compromise our godly principles under the heat of Val’s day.

Christ in you! ……….

By Sarah Kankam-Boateng
(Alumni – PENSA KNUST)



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