CHOICE MAKING – The Career Perspective


CHOICE MAKING – The Career Perspective

The very step towards success in any occupation is having interest in it and above all being passionate about it.Most Africans take the word ‘passion’ for granted when they are about to make decisions concerning their future career paths.To them,the only motivation they have at the back of their minds are: how much would that job pay?, What other benefits would I enjoy? Or  probably, what level of recognition would I attain in the society I find myself? These are the most important questions every African child seeks answers to before finally deciding on the  glamorous path.

When you begin to have these as your first thoughts,you should understand that you’re about threading on a wrong path which would only lead to failure in the end. Mostly, we are blinded by the luxurious lifestyles led by those we look up to in a particular profession.Be it the cars they drive,the mansions they live,the clothes and accessories they put on and most especially the manner in which they are praised and recognized during gatherings and so on.

Even when we have an inner conviction that what we admire and aspire to become is not what we are meant to become,we keep taming our minds and keep convincing ourselves to come to terms with what we claim to be ‘our dream come true ‘. Have you ever wondered why so many musicians get lost in the music industry after their first single or album? Or why up coming moving actors or actresses get  missing from our TV screens? Or why many writers get lost after publishing their first book? Of course there may be other reasons but most of these people lost sight of what they were meant to be in life.They are mostly not the gifted people they claim to be but are only into that particular field for fame,money or other selfish reasons best known to them.

Note that it takes a passionate heart, a hardworking person to make a successful career.Never base your decisions mainly by observing how lucrative a profession looks or appears to look.Follow your heart desires,believe in the decisions you arrive at after critically analysing your options and have interest in the occupation you arrive at.Its only then and then would you find victory and the satisfaction you long for.




A Mother’s Love Is God’s Love


Science states that after childbirth, women undergo hormonal imbalance which they think explains their mood swings and emotional changes they undergo.Mothers are women who naturally think less of themselves and more of others.(Not that they lose their self esteem). Mothers are sweet,loving,caring and above all,very conscious human beings created by God for the the purpose of nurturing generations and thus fulfilling God’s purpose.No single adjective can explain a mother’s love and this is why no one dares underestimate the love of a mother!

At some moments in our lives we consider them as being over protective but in actual sense they’re being over bearing. Yes! they also carry our burdens too.Their hearts beats strongly for their children which accounts for why mothers are very sensitive.

My mother and maternal grandmother are few mothers who would place the interest of other children above that of their birth children and for years my siblings and I used to complain a lot about it until she unraveled the secret behind that to us. Its the prayer of every mother that her children be strong,firm,discipline, conscious, independent but dependent on God and above all for their wards to take full responsibility of their actions.
Mothers may not be there forever for us so they do their best to place us in positions we wouldn’t find ourselves wanting.So far as you’ve got life in you,you owe that to God through your mum.Even if she attempted aborting you,God in his gracious mercies didn’t permit that so rise up call her,pay her a visit make this day a memorable one for her and don’t allow her regret for bringing you into the world for that would only be a curse to yourself and  to generations. To fathers playing both roles God richly bless you. I hope you’ve realised that that path isn’t easy. Its nature’s way of telling you that a mother is best fit for the quest.

To yet to be wives and already married women whose main purpose in their marriage lives is to break the bond mothers share with their sons,just remember the guy you’re about marrying or married to was groomed by his mother and their love existed before you came into the scene. Therefore before you jump into claiming you’re going to be the mother of his children or you’re the one going to live life with him or probably is through your efforts the man is successful, know that the man’s attitudes and character exhibited by that successful man you claim to have made him were groomed and nurtured by his MOTHER!!

By:Emmanuel Osei-Frempong

Dedicated to all mothers especially my mum😘 Dinah Osei-Adjapong Duah and to all those who are asking why she’s not aging even in her mid fifties,she says is because God has dealt graciously with her.:)

Stay Blessed