Appreciate The Efforts Fathers Put In For Us


Father’s day is hardly noticed, recognized and celebrated by so many people compared to Mother’s day. Over the years, fathers have had to complain bitterly because the due honor was not accorded them. This is because quite a number of fathers are or were tagged as irresponsible due to the fact that they often shirk their duties and only show up when their wards become successful.

The responsible father is one who seeks to raise his children in discipline. Fathers perform majority of the ‘parent’s responsibilities ‘.The father is known to be the breadwinner and the family suffers in his absence.He provides the basic needs of the family and more.Fathers are bearers of problems the family faces.

Fathers have a big heart to even the heartless and wayward child.This is demonstrated in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32).

The greatest gift one can ever have from a father is a father who believes in your dreams and aspirations and makes conscious efforts to push you to attain the height you so much desire in order for you to have fulfilment in life.

Happy Father’s day to all fathers and potential fathers especially to my loving father who has been there for me always:D.   

God richly bless you Dad!!

By: Emmanuel Osei-Frempong

Dedicated to all fathers especially to Joseph Osei-Adjapong.

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