God’s Purpose

Every word of God that is sent has a purpose to it.The Bible says in the beginning,the world was without form and God said,”let there be light”.The moment He said that,His words became accomplished.Every word of God revealed to us doesn’t only have a purpose but is strong enough to materialize.

The word of God says when Jacob(Israel) was about to die,he called his 12 sons to give them his last message and bless them.When He got to Judah,he said”The sceptor will not depart from Judah,nor the ruler’s staff between his feet until He(Shiloh) comes to whom it belongs and the obedience of the nation is His”(Genesis 49:10). The sceptor represents a King’s authority so the words of Jacob were that Kingship would never depart from the tribe of Judah until Shiloh(Jesus) comes.As at when these prophetic words were spoken by Jacob to his son Judah,there was no system of Kingship and besides God’s promise to Abraham was’still under construction’.At that moment the word of God seemed to be hunging in the air.

Every prophetic word of God is said to have 3 stages.The beginning stage,the processing and harvest stage.The beginning stage is when the word is released unto one.Note that when the Israelites requested for a king,the chosen king wasn’t even taken from the tribe of Judah.Samuel,the then prophet, anointed Saul,who was from the tribe of Benjamin.But because God Himself had spoken through His servant Jacob upon the tribe of Judah,that prophecy had to ‘rearrange’. Saul disobeyed God and the sceptor was passed down to it’s rightful owner,David who was from the tribe of Judah.And finally when Shiloh came,He came from the tribe of David thus the name or attribute,Lion of the tribe of Judah.The Bible even recounts that during the era of Moses,the tribe of Judah had become stronger and prevailed over the other tribes of Israel.This can be linked to the process stage and when the sceptor was passed down to David can be said to be the harvest stage.

Most often when we receive a promise from God concerning our lives,we imagine it happening over night and when that doesn’t happen,we begin to lose faith.God is an intelligent God who knows exactly when and where to bring something your way.When you would cherish and value what He has placed in your hands.Never lose hope,keep pressing on in prayer for whatever He promises, surely comes to pass.Patience is never a waste of time,when your time finally comes, its only then would you come to the realization that it was worth the wait!

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Inspired by Pastor Joshua Obeng of CCC





I work 5 days in a week and Saturdays i go for weddings or funerals, i travel for hours and return very exhausted.

Sometimes i go home with some office stuff to work on.

Now Sunday is the only day i can relax and get ready for the long week ahead, so why should i even go to church when i can worship the same God in my room? after all God is everywhere.
This is one of the many reasons why people miss church services.

Well, some others say they would not step foot into some church building because people there are hypocrites, unloving, and unfriendly, some even say those who lead worship and chorus leaders always sing boring songs with crooked voices.

The talk of bad sound and the quality of instruments as well as instrumentalists are topics for another day.
Human beings are such wonderful creatures yet the most complicated.lol

Please you are not a machine, machines do breakdown and undergo maintenance.

Rest, even God did that after creation.

You must work and rest too but non of those must interfere with your Christian duties as well as your worship.
I remember i used to behave this way until i got this revelation which made me realize i am not going to church for human beings but God. If it was to please humans i would not be posting this message to encourage you to start going for God.

We all expect the church to be heaven on earth but we go there and what happens is even more than what happens in the world.

why would you not sleep on a Sunday if you would have to go and the church leader who treated you very bad by refusing you a lift on a rainy day when you stood wet in a queue the other day stands behind the pulpit to preach love!
Yes! we all expect the church to be a better place but we should not also forget that human beings make up the church and not Angels😁 and therefore little bites will occur along the way, but the Christ in us should enable us to overlook those things.
Romans 8:35-36

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? As it is written,

“For your sake we are being killed all the day long;

we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.”
Running away from your church to another church in view of the fact that your church is made up of hypocrites, forgetting that where you are heading to also is a human institution and they also have their own issues.

The somewhat perfect church you see somewhere that you envy and which you wish you were a part of started from quarrels and grew into a matured church.
Stop running and be an agent of change wherever you find yourself.

It takes only one person to cause a shift in church because that willing person carries God in him and so whatever good cause you have in mind will be established, It would not be easy but with God on your side you will get there.
Stop the complains and start praying more and acting on your prayers because what you carry is mighty through God.

The time to act is now.

Start living for God and not yourself because once you live for God you die to yourself daily to be able to fulfill His will daily.
Food For Thought

It took willing Moses to lead the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land, though he could not enter that land someone took up from where he ended and freedom was given to the people of God. Would you bring liberation to the people of God by being the Moses or Joshua of our time?

Father Lord, thank you for this day and this message, i pray that you will forgive me of all the unworthy things done against you, cleanse me oh God, from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.

create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

Strengthen and quicken my mortal body even as I take up the mantle to cause a shift in my church in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Lord for making your ears attent unto my prayers in The name of Jesus have i prayed with thanksgiving Amen.