Think About These!

1. Slow and steady wins the race

2. Fast and consistent will beat the slow and steady.

3. Its is good to be slow and steady; but its better to be fast and reliable.

4.First identify your competency and then change the playing field to suit your competency.

5. Its good to be individually brilliant and to have strong core competencies but unless you’re able to work in a team and harness each other’s core competencies, you’ll always perform below because there will always be situations at which you’ll do poorly and someone else does well.

6.Teamwork is mainly about situational leaders, letting the person with relevant core competency for a situation take leadership.
Have a wonderful weekend





With dust marred face

He arose from the ground to behold what was before him

It was a vast endless land with a small meandering stream

There before him stood two paths bright as the sun rays

One calligraphed with footprints 

A lonely rough road of mountains and valleys full of climbs and sprints

There, were the footprints of Great men who came this way

“These were the footprints of great men of old” others say

Who stood the test of time and finished well

Their pace was set and nothing could detour them

Nothing could stop them, not even the hordes of Hell

From the sweat of these the world was shaped in diadem

They stood true to their faith in all life’s dead ends

These were they who left a legacy; these were the LEGENDS 

The other route was smooth, tarred and easy

This was the path of comfort the average men took

And yes, of pain and suffering they never partook

These were they who left no mark or legacy

And no prints in the sands of history 

These were the AVERAGE men who lived a life of luxury

There, as he watched which route to take

There was no decision else to make

His choice was crystal clear and easy to comprehend

He was a LEGEND

Compiled by El Eduardo



He groped his way up the mountain
His heart thumping in his chest amid laboured panting

What he actually sought, no one knew

Perhaps he himself had no clue

 he chanced upon something yonder

Amid the parading darkness, he could barely see far

With frail hands he reached and saw what it was

It was a cross, an old rugged cross

It had no beauty nor did it possess any jewellery of earthly splendour

Alone it stood, desolate of love and honour

“Rubbish! I’ll burn it for firewood” he spat

In flaming vexation, he lifted his machete to cut

“Wait” pleaded a solemn little voice he heard

“At this cross the greatest love story was written”, the man said
Not with pen or ink but with love unconditional.

“With nail scrapped palms and bruised-red skin I save at no cost

I am Jesus who hanged on this cross to save you and all that are lost

I died for the world and love them more than they realise”

“How much do you love the world?” he retorted with teary eyes

Jesus showed him his bruises and bleeding palm

Will you take My cross to the world in sacrifice. 

And let them know I love them and have paid the price.

“Yes!” He answered as he picked up his cross with all his might

So he left, not just with the cross on his back but also in his heart

Inspired By: My Lord Jesus

Compiled by El Eduardo



Today we are young

Today we are free

Today we have hope

Tomorrow we shall have faith

The present defines the future

The future predicts the past

Actions define legacy

But purpose connotes history

In the sand of inspiration we can draw our dreams

Till the wind carries them to where they belong

We are in control of our tomorrow

But it’s only out tomorrow that will define our today

We are the custodians of our decisions

The warden of our experience

The standard of bondage

The chains of freedom

Our lives are a play

Acted out by our wisdom

Today is as much a mystery as tomorrow

Tomorrow never ends with a period but a comma

We are the generation of time

We exist in life

We are the clock of eternity

We are the tomorrow,,,,,


-Ravi A. Torbay


Life is not always as it seems

It is more than what meets the eye

As God breathed His breath,

It came into existence

Life is sometimes unfair to the fair

And fair to the unfair

A noble executive He is,

Initiating and propelling existence

And so life as it is, is what we have.

Its instructor being decision

Its teacher being experience

As science would explain;

Came into being from two intertwined LIVES

Life,oh life

Sometimes becomes bitter,

Sometimes becomes better

And at times, become broader.

For some, it’s an opportunity

For others, a gift.

But I say, life is a journey,

A transit into eternity.

Life is how you make it

How you choose to see it 

And if you find life looking straight into your eyes,

Be careful not to despise your maker.

The dead have no feel of this gift,

And at times, the sick don’t enjoy.

The pastor confines it to his Bible

The doctor confines it to his Stethoscope

The teacher, to the Books,

The lawyer to the Bar,

The businessman to his Money,

The thief to his ‘busines

The architect to his Buildings

And to God, His Breath.

Those that  have it, don’t appreciate it

Those that don’t, whished they had.

Life families time

So use your life wisely

Value the time you have on earth

For it is limited

Like the ‘maths’ I had always loved

It definitely has a final solution.

And if one day you’re going to die,

The rest lies in what you do today

Quaku Daves Megamind