Life is not always as it seems

It is more than what meets the eye

As God breathed His breath,

It came into existence

Life is sometimes unfair to the fair

And fair to the unfair

A noble executive He is,

Initiating and propelling existence

And so life as it is, is what we have.

Its instructor being decision

Its teacher being experience

As science would explain;

Came into being from two intertwined LIVES

Life,oh life

Sometimes becomes bitter,

Sometimes becomes better

And at times, become broader.

For some, it’s an opportunity

For others, a gift.

But I say, life is a journey,

A transit into eternity.

Life is how you make it

How you choose to see it 

And if you find life looking straight into your eyes,

Be careful not to despise your maker.

The dead have no feel of this gift,

And at times, the sick don’t enjoy.

The pastor confines it to his Bible

The doctor confines it to his Stethoscope

The teacher, to the Books,

The lawyer to the Bar,

The businessman to his Money,

The thief to his ‘busines

The architect to his Buildings

And to God, His Breath.

Those that  have it, don’t appreciate it

Those that don’t, whished they had.

Life families time

So use your life wisely

Value the time you have on earth

For it is limited

Like the ‘maths’ I had always loved

It definitely has a final solution.

And if one day you’re going to die,

The rest lies in what you do today

Quaku Daves Megamind



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