He groped his way up the mountain
His heart thumping in his chest amid laboured panting

What he actually sought, no one knew

Perhaps he himself had no clue

 he chanced upon something yonder

Amid the parading darkness, he could barely see far

With frail hands he reached and saw what it was

It was a cross, an old rugged cross

It had no beauty nor did it possess any jewellery of earthly splendour

Alone it stood, desolate of love and honour

“Rubbish! I’ll burn it for firewood” he spat

In flaming vexation, he lifted his machete to cut

“Wait” pleaded a solemn little voice he heard

“At this cross the greatest love story was written”, the man said
Not with pen or ink but with love unconditional.

“With nail scrapped palms and bruised-red skin I save at no cost

I am Jesus who hanged on this cross to save you and all that are lost

I died for the world and love them more than they realise”

“How much do you love the world?” he retorted with teary eyes

Jesus showed him his bruises and bleeding palm

Will you take My cross to the world in sacrifice. 

And let them know I love them and have paid the price.

“Yes!” He answered as he picked up his cross with all his might

So he left, not just with the cross on his back but also in his heart

Inspired By: My Lord Jesus

Compiled by El Eduardo



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