With dust marred face

He arose from the ground to behold what was before him

It was a vast endless land with a small meandering stream

There before him stood two paths bright as the sun rays

One calligraphed with footprints 

A lonely rough road of mountains and valleys full of climbs and sprints

There, were the footprints of Great men who came this way

“These were the footprints of great men of old” others say

Who stood the test of time and finished well

Their pace was set and nothing could detour them

Nothing could stop them, not even the hordes of Hell

From the sweat of these the world was shaped in diadem

They stood true to their faith in all life’s dead ends

These were they who left a legacy; these were the LEGENDS 

The other route was smooth, tarred and easy

This was the path of comfort the average men took

And yes, of pain and suffering they never partook

These were they who left no mark or legacy

And no prints in the sands of history 

These were the AVERAGE men who lived a life of luxury

There, as he watched which route to take

There was no decision else to make

His choice was crystal clear and easy to comprehend

He was a LEGEND

Compiled by El Eduardo



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