Getting Positive Daily In This Year

It has been a long while since I posted here. I had been a little busy and hadn’t had enough room to even wish my readers a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. My apologies to all subscribers, followers and readers of my blog. Would like to use this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. It is my prayer that this year would be the year we all come to the actualization and fulfilment of our dreams and hopes.

In 2016, I had been really blessed by a daily prophetic and insightful words I subscribed to and I would like to use this medium to encourage all my readers to do same by clicking on the link below.
It’s all about staying positive throughout out the year! These words received has really shaped my thoughts and entire life and it is my wish that every reader who also subscribes to this would be blessed.
It’s been barely a year since I started blogging on this platform and I must say, I’ve been really inspired and encouraged by the family I’ve met here. Your write ups, words of encouragement,education and criticism had really kept me on my toes. I love you all for being part of my life. God richly bless you all and may He guard your hopes and dreams till it is appropriate to be released to you.

This year, there will be a couple of changes on my blog and when I finalize everything , I will communicate it to you all.

Stay positive in 2017!

It’s game time!




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