Your Future Is Safe With God

We spend our whole life

Worrying about the future

Planning for the future

Trying to predict the future

As if figuring it out would

Somehow cushion the blow
To some, the future seems to be changing

Either for the best or worse

The future is the home of our deepest fears

And our wildest hopes

But one thing is certain,

When it finally reveals itself,

The future seems to be beyond our imagination

Or the future may never be the way we imagined

The only thing predictable by the future 

Is that it’s unpredictable


We often describe life as full of uncertainties. Life itself is considered a mystery on its own and our quest is to figure how to cope with the unraveling mysteries of the future as we face them. Many are of the view that life is governed by principles one ought to follow and abide by. For we shall be rewarded accordingly based on these set principles. Others are of the belief that life itself runs on its own course without any interference by any forces, spiritual being or principles. But I’ve come to believe and strongly trust in a Man who is the custodian of our destiny. He  alone makes the uncertainties certain. With him, your hopes are sure to materialise. With him, your heart will forever remain at peace mainly because He never fails nor disappoints and also because He is true, loves you and values you.

 Let God take charge of your life and order your steps to the right direction. You may make super plans, have the know-hows, have the strength, wealth and so on but at the end,God wills
Have a purpose driven week!




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