You Owe It To Yourself

We all question our confidence at some point in our lives. We all get our level of confidence tested and most often, when we fail the test, all the confidence residing in us runs out of our very self. We then begin to question our very own existence in this world. Others turn to blame others continuously for their woes leading to bitterness.
Some have attributed this occurances of loss of confidence in many to they being over confident in the first place. They argue that the most destructive level of confidence is over confidence. Others suggest being under confident is way better than being over confident in the first place. The question remains: how is one’s level of confidence even measured?……That’s a question to be answered another day.

Every individual must understand that they owe it to themselves to keep their emotions in check. You owe it to yourselves to constantly motivate and inspire yourself. You’ve got to make your inner self to come into terms that there’s more to life than the very problem you may be encountering.

True strength they say, is being able to hold it all all together when everyone expects you to fall apart. Therefore note that; your source of confidence starts with you! You may not directly be the source but it definitely starts with you to make a move. Hardly would one pick up a Bible or book to read to encourage oneself should one have no strain of confidence in .

We often forget to see our inner self as being the first to console or as being able to get hold of certain situations thereby we fall prey mostly to those who will drag down or derail the confidence we perceived to be building. 

Surely, you may come across certain circumstances in which you may not be responsible for. Others may create unpleasant situations for  you but ultimately, you have a role to play in your final outcome since you’re part of it.

Boosting your confidence should be a priority everyday because  YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELVES! 

Yes! You owe it to yourselves to attain the greatness ahead.

Have a blissful week!




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